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Cyclocross (or CX as it is commonly known) is growing in popularity in Hawke’s Bay and nationwide at an incredible rate. Originating in Europe in the early 1900s, when riders raced from village to village and those taking the shortest route would cut through fields needing to carry their bikes over obstacles such as fences. Now seen as a discipline in its own right, cyclocross takes elements from both road and mountain bike racing and presents as a spectator friendly, short, fast race that all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Compared with other forms of cycle racing, tactics are fairly straightforward, and the emphasis is on the rider's aerobic endurance and bike-handling skills.

An autumn and winter sport, cyclocross courses can be created anywhere. They can incorporate sections of many surfaces to test riders’ skills, including: pre-existing tracks, grass, dirt, mud, pavement, gravel and sand. Riders complete multiple laps of the short circuit usually over a set period of time, usually from 30 minutes to an hour.  Within the course there is always a small section which requires the riders to dismount and carry their bikes over a natural or man-made barrier.  This could be a wooden board, tree trunk or a hill that is too steep to ride.

A cyclocross bike looks very much like a road bike but has knobbly tyres for traction and wider fork stays for tyre clearance needed for muddy conditions. Riders use mountain bike style cycling shoes that have soles better suited for the short sections that require running and often have toe studs which help with grip.


When do entries close? 

You are able to enter the series (5 races) until 29.07.23 at 5.00pm. Single event entries close 5.00pm Saturday before the event.

What time is registration? 

9.00am - 9.50am on race day.


I don’t have a cyclocross bike can I still race? 
Of course. Most people racing  are on mountain bikes, but we welcome any bike and any biker. It’s about encouraging people to get out there and give it a go.

Is the course very technical?
Cyclocross courses tend to be flatter and faster than most mountain bike paths. There are usually one or two small obstacles on the course that advanced rider usually choose to jump, and slower riders usually choose to dismount their bikes and hop over them. It’s an ideal course for beginner mountain bikers. 

Any prizes?
Kids awarded medals for the top girls and boys in each kids event. The Roosters Brewery prize giving will acknowledge the top three men and women in the CX20, CX30 and CX45. 
Spot prizes from our awesome sponsors. 


Series awards?

Our 'Series Champion' will be awarded a trophy at the final prize giving for the CX45, CX30 and CX20 categories and medals awarded to the top three riders also.

Points are awarded for finishing places in each race as follows: 

1st = 15, 2nd = 13, 3rd = 11, 4th = 9 points then 8, 7 ,6 etc 

Your best four results count towards your series total. If you only compete in three races, you will only have three counting races. A minimum of three races must be entered to be in contention for 'Series Champion'.

Coffee and morsels?
Yes, we have a good ol' urns filled with coffee and hot chocolate to warm you up. We usually have scrumptious fundraising home baking for sale too.  The Black Barn events offer FREE fries and Roosters Ginger Beer.

Do I need to train to complete the course?
If you can ride your bike for 20, or 30, or 45 minutes you can do the event. Need a rest? ... just stop and watch everyone else zoom by for a while. 
How much is it to enter? 

CX30 and CX45 OPEN: $80 + transaction fee 

CX20 (13 & under): $50 + transaction fee 

Future Stars: Free (Koha appreciated)

Fun ride: Free (Koha appreciated)

Ramblers Juniors FREE use the code

SINGLE RACE ENTRY:  Entries close 5.00pm Saturday before the event

CX30 and CX45 OPEN: $20 + transaction fee   

CX20 (13 & under): $10 + transaction fee

Future Stars: Free (Koha appreciated)

Fun ride: Free (Koha appreciated)

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